Xen 3.2 リリース・・・されてた


Welcome to the Xen 3.2 download page! This release contains architectural improvements and new user-visible features including:

  • Xen Security Modules (XSM)
  • ACPI S3 suspend-to-RAM support for the host system
  • Preliminary PCI pass-through support (using appropriate Intel or AMD I/O-virtualization hardware)
  • Preliminary support for a wider range of bootloaders in fully virtualized (HVM)guests, using full emulation of x86 real mode
  • Faster emulation of standard (non-super) VGA modes for HVM guests
  • Configurable timer modes for HVM guests, depending on how the guest OS manages time-keeping
  • Many other changes and enhancements across all supported machine architectures

ACPI S3は、Windowsでいうスタンバイ状態のことみたい。対応したのか。


# この前、3.1にバージョンアップして触り始めたところなのにな、、、