Redmine 0.6.4 Release



# このタイミングでか・・・くぅ。

Redmine 0.6.4 bug fix release


  • Fixed: private projects name are displayed on account/show even if the current user doesn't have access to these private projects
  • Fixed: potential LDAP authentication security flaw
  • Fixed: context submenus on the issue list don't show up with IE6.
  • Fixed: Themes are not applied with Rails 2.0
  • Fixed: crash when fetching Mercurial changesets if changeset[:files] is nil
  • Fixed: Mercurial repository browsing
  • Fixed: undefined local variable or method 'log' in CvsAdapter when a cvs command fails
  • Fixed: not null constraints not removed with Postgresql
  • Doctype set to transitional